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Fashion// Sales in Milan

3:17 AM

Hi there, 

It's official: I fell in love with Milan! Everything here is so beautiful, the people are nice and I'm just having an amazing time here. Oh and the stores.. no words needed! 
The sales started in Milan also and of course I had to take a look, I just can't resist it! 
On friday evening Nikola (my roomie) and I went to Central Station to have dinner (yes, again in Central Station because we still didn't go to the supermarket then so we still didn't had anything to cook..) and the station is like a shopping mall already! There are stores like Zara, Bershka, Nike, Mango, etc. 
So good but at the same time so bad for me because when I want to go somewhere or want to go home I always have to pass Central station.. I always have to see those beautiful clothes looking at me! 
After our dinner we decided to check out the stores and in the same time the sales. So what happened.. I ended up buying more stuff than I actually needed. I actually only needed a new handbag and parfume.. but I came home with a new handbag from Mango, parfume from Kiko and 2 necklaces, one from Mango and the other one from Bershka. 

After 2 days walking all day long my feet were dead from walking in my boots all day. I knew it was time to change to more comfy shoes! The problem is that the only comfy shoes I have with me are all stars and new balance but my new balance are for the gym and all stars would be perfect if the sun was shining here.. So I had a good excuse to buy new sneakers! When I was in the Nike store I found the most perfect sneakers to wear to my castings! They're comfy, easy and good looking! I can't wait to wear them tomorrow to my castings!!

xoxo, Jelka

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4 lovely comments

  1. amazing stuff!
    xoxo Sienna

  2. Wat een leuke aankoopjes! Have fun & veel succes in Milaan

  3. I love your taste, very stylish! :)

    Lucky you, running around in Milan...
    I'm in cold, rainy Belgium :)


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